Monday, October 22, 2012

Moot Court Guide

LLB is a professional course, as most universities give practical legal training while teaching the legal theory. Undergraduate courses of law are basically designed to give students the knowledge of the subject. The course includes seminars, tutorial work, moot courts and practical training programmes.

To become a good advocate you need yourself equipped with the good presentation skills. To improve your skills, to become a good advocate, practice is required in presenting your case and arguing which is a big challenge for a developing student at the college level. These skills can be improved by taking part in the Moot Courts at the college level so that your presentation skills and talents in argument shall be screened and you will be in notice of your level in the competition around you. You will then seek an improvement of your position in the competition. The student of law cannot just stick only to the theoretical teaching and hence law institutions host Moot Court Competitions.

The Moot Court is basically an activity that is followed for the betterment of the presentation and argument skills of the students. It helps students equip themselves to the standards of the society. To participate you should have the confidence in you and you should be a generalist i.e. you should analyze the facts of the case in the general point of view in regard to the subject of the case and learn to apply the law to the facts of the case. You should be a specialist in Law dealing that particular subject, and be thorough with the latest case law and interpretation by the Supreme Court and the High Courts to get a better grip over the case or the position of the case.

The Moot court Hall or Room is like a practical room for a student to get accustomed to the atmosphere of the Courts as well as improve his skills in law and advocacy of law. In a Moot court a hypothetical case is given to the students and are allowed to argue the given case. Moot Court helps the students of law in many ways since it is a sort of practical legal training, which helps to build analytical reasoning, legal aptitude, team building skills and above all make them responsive.

How to go about a Moot Court?

1. The facts of the case need to be jotted (made a note of) down in points. 

2. The words used should be simple and easy understandable. Take the best care of the language used.

3. Need to have good communication skills to present the case with confidence.

4. You should give the introduction of the parties with their description and details.

5. Reasons of the problems and why? 

6. Give a brief of the agreed party. 

7. You should accept your mistakes made at the argument and show your acceptance of the mistakes by pleading the Judge to pardon. You should apologize and correct your mistakes. 

8. Drafting skills are also an important aspect of the Moot Court. You need to present the case with the best language possible and the submissions made by you must be good enough to impress the Moot Court Judge.

9. Spontaneity should be the first objective while presenting or arguing.

10. The case mostly will be well balanced and is prepared in such a manner that no side (Applicant/Respondent) is strong. Therefore, a lot of research work is to be done to get better case laws and material that supports your case.

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